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How it Works

😵😊 {We Target the specific Symptoms}-Place patch on upper arm before beginning your experience.

😵😊 {Vitamin engineered and tested on the root-cause}-The pressure-sensitive adhesive has transdermal conversion into your body, this allows the vitamins & herb extracts to enter your skin quickly and into the blood circulation.

😵😊 {Easy to USE} - Each patch, is quickly separated and applied with NON-Latex medicinally approved adhesive (avoids skin irritation). Odorless.

😵😊 {Guaranteed}- We are so confident that you will see the difference, that we offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee.

Why it Works

Transdermal delivery offers several benefits over oral delivery, including smooth, continuous  delivery, increased bio-availability, and reduced chemical interactions. Patches can be easily applied by the user, and they provide a visual cue that the herbs or vitamins has been administered.  Our Patches are high quality organically vitamin enriched.

Approved by CE, ISO 9001, ISO13485, and FDA approved manufacturer, 21 CFR 211.132 compliant. Tamper Proof Packaging.

Directions For Use

ARTHUR THE MONSTER (A.K.A. - ATM). ATM is really smart so please follow his directions:
I, ATM, have found that my patches works best when applied to a clean dry (hairless) area on the upper extremities. The patches are designed to boost your nutritional absorption and address specific ailments. The patches have been extensively tested on family, friends and in clinical trials with 90+% success rate (double blind placebo trials).  

ATM--Check it out and start shopping today.


Eliminate Fatigue, Experience Laser Focus and Increase Stamina

The Ashwagandha herb has been used for thousands of years in herbal medicine.  We designed this transdermal patch to provide a calming energy boost.  The patch is specially formulated with just the right mix of Ashwagandha, B-12, complex B vitamins and eight other essential vitamins to allow you to achieve peak performance without feeling on edge.  You can expect increased; Focus, Attention to detail, Confidence, Increased Stamina,  Sharpness and elevation to the top of your game.  The product was over a year in the making with multiple successful clinical trials.  The results were astounding with 91% of people reporting positive results.  Go ahead, give us a try, were confident you will be pleasantly impressed.  You  will experience a difference or we reimburse your money. Simple as that.

Increased Stamina, Focus & Energy

Who We Are

Is a veteran-owned nutritional supplement company. We develop our transdermal patches with the same mission focus we learned as military members serving this great country.  The company develops transdermal patches to address a number of individual body ailments. They specialize in transdermal research, product design, production, and distribution.

Their headquarters is located North of Atlanta Georgia. 

We strive to "Delight Our Customers" everyday.

1755 N Brown Rd  Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Customer Service: 404-689-1562